Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Audio Guide To Cross Country Travel

When I think about people I admire, there is a common trait that runs through the group. These are people who pursue their passions and find joy in what they do in life (and often in their work). My wife's job allows her to do work that has a real impact on making companies more environmentally friendly. My parents spent their careers teaching and are living proof that the profession can lead to a rewarding life. My friend Darren created a high school ultimate frisbee league that quickly grew to be one of the most successful in the country. It may be cliched, but as the Life Is Good motto says: "Do what you like. Like what you do."

In a bit of a roundabout way, this leads me to the main point of my post. I've been happy to call Drew Kennedy a friend for the better part of a decade, though I haven't seen him in at least a few years (way to move to Texas, Drew). As long as I've known him, Drew has been following his passion as a songwriter and music lover. Now that I think of it, without Drew around, I might have never made the previous Jay Farrar related post. He turned me on to the whole alt country/americana /whatever you want to call it genre. Thanks, Drew.

Today marks the release of Drew's new album, An Audio Guide To Cross Country Travel (the title seems appropriate to me, having first listened to his last album from front to back while driving through the mountains of central Pennsylvania). I'm certainly biased, but I really like Drew's work. I think he has really matured as a songwriter since I've known him and I don't think there's anything anywhere close to a throwaway song on the new album. I'm glad to see Cincinnati make it back onto an album, as it is an old favorite. I've only listened to the new album a couple of times at this point, but St. Abilene and Caroline are sticking out as especially enjoyable. So, for anyone who is a fan of americana, country, bluegrass, friends of mine, good music of any kind, supporting independent songwriters, or all of the above, give the album a listen and buy it if you're feeling the least bit generous.

If any of my Texas based friends read this, stop by one of Drew's shows and buy him a drink. And finally, for your viewing pleasure, here's Drew and his band beard playing Rolling Around in the Bed:

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